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La La La Can’t Hear You!

I have a suggestion for anyone who wants to understand how far adrift the GOP has become in its efforts to regain political footing after the Age of Bush.
First, read James Crabtree’s succinct but informative profile of British Conservative Party leader David Cameron from The American Prospect. As Crabtree explains, Cameron’s current status as a man well-positioned to become the next Prime Minister of his country brought the Tories back from oblivion through a systematic effort to overcome its attachment to the old right-wing Thatcherite ideology. Sure, the Tories tried just about everything and everybody else before resorting to an ideological sea-change, but finally began to turn the corner under Cameron.
Second, read this post from the popular conservative site RedState. I choose this as suggested reading not because it’s extreme, but because it is extremely typical of what grassroots conservatives are saying these days. It not only tells conservative critics of the GOP’s stubbornly rigid ideological direction to STFU, but gets pretty hysterical about the very idea that the Right should be “thoughtful” instead of simply howling at the moon with Rush and company. The writer seems to be covering his or her ears and shouting “La la la can’t hear you!”
Looks like Republicans are pretty much where the Tories were not that long ago, when they were so out of touch that they were incapable of taking advantage of Tony Blair’s mistakes. They should maybe think about that before assuming that they can stick with the old-time religion of the Right and simply pray to an angry God that Obama fails and hands them self-vindication and power.

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