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“Government Schools”

Sarah Posner at The American Prospect‘s FundamentaList offers up this fine quote from U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), delivered at the Conservative Political Action Committee confab last week:

A nation that raises its children in government schools cannot expect its people to stand for the principles of freedom.

Without question, DeMint seems to be in a strange competition with Gov. Mark Sanford to become the contemporary standard-bearer for the Palmetto State’s rich tradition of right-wing extremism. But the habit of invidiously referring to public schools as “government schools” is one that has in the past been largely limited to the more exotic precincts of libertarians and home-school activists. There is something a bit refreshing about a Republican who frontally attacks public education instead of pretending to cherish it while undermining it through chronic underfunding or vouchers. Still, Americans probably aren’t quite ready to be lashed by any politician for their effete, socialist willingness tolerate Big Government involvement in the education of their children.

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