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GOPers Conflicted on AIG Tax

The most amusing story out there today is provided by Politico‘s Manu Raju, who’s been trying to push Republican Member of Congress to take a position on a proposed surtax for those receiving bonuses from AIG. Here’s the money quote:

They wouldn’t mind letting the bonus issue linger for a while, and they’re wary of either signing on to the plan — and with it, a tax increase — or resisting it, and thereby risking being seen as insufficiently tough on AIG and its employees

Could be that GOP Congressmen are waiting for Grover Norquist to make up his mind how he feels about an AIG bonus tax:

Thirty-four senators and 172 House members signed a pledge with the Americans for Tax Reform saying they would not vote to raise taxes. The group is still evaluating the legislation and has not determined yet whether a vote for the plan would violate the pledge.

Republicans hope Grover’s staff gets a move on. The House is likely to vote on an AIG bonus surtax this very day, and while GOPers would prefer to be watching NCAA tournament basketball, they’re going to have to go on the record as to whether their fear of voter wrath or their hatred of government is greater.

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