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Obama Deploys His Cybertroops on Stimulus Package

Greg Sargent at The Plum Line reports today that Team Obama has decided to “use his massive campaign email list and communications operations to get around the filter of the big news orgs in order to personally sell his agenda directly to the American people.”
This deployment, according to Sargent, was partially motivated by the obsession of the MSM with the Daschle story, which has “blotted out” Obama’s efforts to sell the stimulus package via network interviews.
An email has gone out to the Obama organization’s 13-million-strong email list with video clips and a plea that recipients convene house parties to view Obama’s case for the stimulus package.
This will be an interesting and important experiment, not just in terms of the effectiveness of the Obama organization, but as an effort to bypass media “filters.” Given the negative MSM coverage of the Daschle and related “stories” about disqualified appointees, and continuing conservative efforts to label the stimulus package as pork-laden, it’s an appropriate and potentially critical step to mobilize generally positive public opinion in favor of the legislation as it struggles through the Senate.

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