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More Fun With Conservatives

Two new examples of egregrious wingnuttery have emerged today. First comes the news that Joe Wurzelbacher (a.k.a., Joe the Plumber, or John McCain’s Frankenstein) is headed to Israel to serve as a “war correspondent” for the conservative outlet Pajamas Media. According to an AP story, Joe will spend “10 days covering the fighting and explaining why Israeli forces are mounting attacks against Hamas.” Just the journalistic objectivity you want from a war correspondent, Joe. This is the same guy who said Obama’s election would prove to be the “death of Israel.”
Second is the advent of a new web site that is sure to provide enormous reading pleasure and regular target practice for progressives during the lean target-practice days that could crop up during the Obama presidency: Big Hollywood, or as Vanity Fair‘s James Wolcott calls it, “the corner of Hollywood and Whine.”
Big Hollywood will be the water cooler for that most fatuous of new conservative interest groups: the Martyrs of Hollywood. The post that is drawing the most attention today is one by right-wing wunderkind Ben Shapiro (clearly a guy whose hard-earned career has been fatally damaged by liberal fascism, eh?), who thinks Israel’s film industry has made that country a nation of pacifist wimps:

In Israel, the film community skews far left as well. But Israel embraces those films. Since 1948, Israeli film has been heavily focused on undermining Israelis’ patriotism – and Israelis have bought into it.
Film has an impact. It’s no wonder that so many Israelis are disillusioned with their state. It’s no wonder that they’re apologetic for defending themselves. It’s no wonder they keep trying to make amends for wrongs they haven’t committed.

It’s almost sadistic to watch progressives bat Shapiro around like a pinata, but Adam Serwer at TAPPED has the best response beyond laughter:

Let’s be clear what Shapiro is protesting here — he’s angry that Israelis have the ability to feel shame and guilt when the officials they put in power do bad things. He’s angry at Israelis for having a conscience. Shapiro believes that a national cinema has as its only significant role the veneration of the state and the cultivation of unreflective nationalism.
If only the Israelis had made Red Dawn or something, they’d have the stomach for the hard decisions that need to be made in war and wouldn’t have held all those protests demanding accountability for their own government’s inexcusable behavior. But then again, Israelis can’t possibly know the cost of war like an American conservative who attended a college with liberal professors. That is war gentlemen, and it is all Hell.

At least Shapiro is defending America–though not its film industry, of course–in a weird sort of way. Much of the other content at Big Hollywood is a reminder of how many superpatriots seem to hate their own country.
I know some washed-up conservative actors and screenwriters are probably bitter at the mockery they’ve endured from rich and famous lefties over the years, with no HUAC in sight to smite them. But this takes “the personal as political” to new depths.

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