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Meanwhile, Over To Our Right

While Democrats have been celebrating the Obama inaurguration this week, Republicans are entering the final home stretch of the campaign for chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, which will be decided next week.
Stu Rothenberg breaks down the race for RealClearPolitics today, and says it’s too close to call, though incumbent Mike Duncan remains the front-runner. Reading between the lines of this and other analyses, it’s pretty clear that Duncan would win in a walk if it weren’t for the realization that re-electing an incumbent party chair after the 2008 fiasco might send a sign of bizarre complacency.
Another problem for Republicans is that of the five candidates for the post, the only two with any sort of public profile outside GOP circles–Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell–both happen to be African-Americans. At a time when Republicans desparately want to signal an openness to new constituencies–without, however, changing their ideology–rejecting Steele and Blackwell in favor of a failed incumbent, or of Southern White Guys like Katon Dawson (who recently had to resign from an all-white country club) or Chip Saltsman (he of “Barack the Magic Negro” fame) wouldn’t look real good.

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