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Marxists on the Sidelines

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’m about to waste a few more glorious hours watching a college football bowl game. But those of you who are similarly inclined should definitely read Jonathan Chait’s fine rant at the New Republic site about the egregious self-congratulation of corporate CEOs at these sponsored events, which is particularly annoying at this particular moment of history.
Chait imagines a closet Marxist working for a sports network cutting loose on the air with a few choice remarks:

“Capitalist Pig, last year most of your workforce earned wages that would not allow them to raise a family outside of poverty, while you took home $473 million, including a private jet and your own vacation island. Meanwhile this arrangement is hammered home by the ubiquitous corporate logos plastered over every inch of the stadium. Give me one good reason why the crowd shouldn’t tar and feather you right here on the spot.”

It will never happen, of course, in part because, as Chait observes:

Sadly, all the Marxists are in academia rather than broadcast sports. That’s the problem with Marxists. They’re everywhere you don’t want them to be and nowhere you really need them

Workers, peasants, and progressive couch-potatoes, unite and smash the paper-tiger imperialsts and their liveried lackies at the World-Wide Leader In Sports!

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