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MSNBC made a very early call of PA for Obama, with virtually no raw votes in, indicating that the exit polls were decisive. The other nets are holding off for now, probably just waiting for a respectable number of actual votes to make the call.
The symbolism of this result is pretty unmistakable, since PA was supposedly McCain’s breakthrough “Kerry state” to offset his likely loss in “Bush states” like IA, CO, NM and probably VA.
MSNBC has also called the NH Senate race for Jeanne Shaheen, perhaps the shakiest of the Democratic Senate candidates expected to take away GOP seats tonight.
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One comment on “Pennsylvania!

  1. Kuyper on

    To lead the people, one must know where they are going. Barak Obama understood where the American people are. The Republicans never had a clue. They were out of touch, and out to lunch. Come January, many of them will also be out of a job.


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