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National Exit Findings

The national exit polls, as published by MSNBC, show a decisive Obama victory.
He’s up 56-42 among women, and 50-48 among men. He’s down 54-44 among white voters, but up 96-3 (!) among black voters, and 67-30 among Latinos.
He’s winning self-identified independents 51-45, and self-identified moderates 61-38.
And he’s winning younger voters as massively as we all hoped: 68-30 among 18-24 year-olds, and 69-29 among 25-29 year-olds. Among white voters under 30, he’s winning 57-41.
These exits will be “refined” as actual votes come in, so deeper analysis should be delayed until then, but it looks like Obama hit his marks.

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