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Reform First

The Progressive Policy Institute’s putting together a series of “memos to the next president” arguing for this or that initiative as a top priority. They are by design neutral as to the identity of said president.
I’ve contributed a piece arguing that the next president should make reform of congressional elections, through public financing of campaigns, and redistricting reform, a top priority, to build some sense of real momentum about “changing Washington.” Though it’s cast in terms of being applicable to either candidate, I do think this makes particular sense for Obama, who needs to quickly mobilize public opinion for “real change” before or while undertaking tough initiatives like universal health care. That’s all the more appropriate now that there’s so much doubt about the fiscal “room” he will enjoy to do anything big.
Check it out here.

2 comments on “Reform First

  1. benh57 on

    I’m interested in some different types of reform:
    – NSA domestic spying on americans reform.
    – Torturing prisoners reform.
    – TSA “you can’t carry on your half empty bottle of water” reform.
    – etc.
    Can we return this country to the sanity we had pre-2000?
    These are bi-partisan things which I expect either McCain or Obama will do.

  2. velocipede on

    Yes. Yes. I think the time is right for real reform in these areas. I think that either candidate could do it, but it might be easier for Obama to implement. The undo influence of the monied has to be broken.


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