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King of Bluegrass Endorses Obama

My one gripe about our otherwise great Democratic convention is that the soundtrack was a little short on country music for a party that aspires to make some inroads into working-class America. Well, Kathy G over at The G Spot has a post that more than makes up for it — a video/radio clip of Ralph Stanley’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Yes, THE Ralph Stanley, the King of Bluegrass, who practically owns ‘the high lonesome sound’. And just for kicks, Kathy throws in four of Stanley’s best videos. Here’s hoping the Obama campaign shows Stanley’s endorsement all over rural America, not just VA. Way Cool.

One comment on “King of Bluegrass Endorses Obama

  1. PeggyD on

    This is amazing. Makes me want to go out and buy any Ralph Stanley albums I don’t already own! Thanks for sharing it. And let’s help pass this on, eh?


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