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Getting Nasty on the Ground

I had reason today to call my buddy Jim Galloway, the top political reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and he called my attention to a grim and revealing story about the ground game as it’s playing out in Georgia right now. Here’s Jim’s lede:

The chairman of the Pike County Democratic party says she found a cooked, severed mouse head in a take-out meal after a confrontation with the husband of the restaurant owner — who allegedly accused her of registering “gutter scum” for the coming Nov. 4 election.
“Without saying it, he was referring to black people in no uncertain words,” she said.

You should read the whole thing, which explains that the apparently intended consumer of the fried mouse head, the husband of the Pike County Democratic Party, is a Republican. It’s always possible that the whole thing was some sort of bizarre accident, but it’s more likely that collateral damage isn’t much of a consideration in the savage competition underway in Georgia.

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