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Gay Marriage Wars in California

The epicenter of the latest battle in the war over gay marriage is California, where Proposition 8, which would ban celebration or recognition of same-sex marriages, is fueling an expensive and highly competitive campaign.
Polls earlier this year showed Prop 8 losing decisively, which led to a lot of premature talk about the decline of this classic conservative wedge issue. But the pro-Prop 8 campaign, rooted in evangelical churches and heavily bankrolled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), made definite gains and appeared to pull ahead in public opinion last month.
Now there are dueling polls on Prop. 8. A Survey USA poll on October 17 showed the initiative ahead by a narrow 48-45 margin. But last night, the Public Policy Institute of California released a poll showing Prop. 8 losing among likely voters, 52-44.
It does appear by all accounts that the momentum behind Prop. 8 may have peaked a bit early. Spending on both sides is heavy (over $20 million each), and roughly equal.

One comment on “Gay Marriage Wars in California

  1. Stuart Elliott on

    Hasn’t there been a general pattern that “protect marriage” referendums move in anti-same sex direction as the vote approaches?
    That was the case here in Kansas. Polls 6 mos in advance showed an almost even split between the anti-gay marriage and the combined pro-gay marriage and pro-civil union.
    The vote at the polls was very lopsided.


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