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Bailout Passes Senate Easily

As you undoubtedly know, the financial bailout bill passed the Senate last night by a big margin–74-25, to be exact. And few of the dynamics evident in the House vote appeared there.
For one thing, the partisan splits were a lot closer, with Democrats favoring the bill 39-10, and Republicans by 34-15 (as a matter of principle, Joe Lieberman is not being counted as a Democrat here). For another, election-year pressures weren’t a big factor: Senators up for re-election split 24-9 in favor of the legislation, perhaps in part reflecting the fact that public opinion has shifted noticeably, if not definitively, since the House vote.
The House is due to vote on the revised bill Friday, with the current odds favoring passage thanks to the tax sweeteners added by the Senate, not to mention the buyer’s remorse among Members who voted against the original bill assuming it would pass anyway.

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