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Today’s GOP: The Real Bridge to Nowhere

In response to my Wednesday post on messaging decisions, a chap/chapette with the handle ‘cvh1789’ offers an interesting soundbite idea (first suggested by frequent TNR commenter roidubouloi):

An intelligent comment I read at the New Republic website suggests a particular line of attack: describe the Republican Party as “the bridge to nowhere.” That would work for Palin and McCain.

Here’s an excerpt of the riff from roidubouloi:

The Republican party didn’t just try to build the bridge to nowhere at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, the Republican party is the bridge to nowhere. It cannot protect us from our enemies. It cannot protect us from falling behind in global competition. It cannot protect us from the storms and natural disasters the result from climate change. It is not just the party of the past, it is the party of no place, no program, no values.”

I like it. Stir in the notion that today’s GOP is “not your father’s Republican Party” and we get a nifty little bumper sticker:

Today’s GOP: The Real ‘Bridge to Nowhere

Or a speech/interview/ad zinger:

The Clinton administration gave us peace, prosperity and a bridge to the future. McCain and Palin are offering us a bridge to nowhere.

It may not be as catchy as ‘where’s the beef?’, but “bridge to nowhere” is a familiar phrase that resonates with voters. And it makes the point that the Republicans have no vision or program, other than wielding power.

3 comments on “Today’s GOP: The Real Bridge to Nowhere

  1. bacaangel on

    Bridge to Nowhere, very accurate and elaborated by Ground Zero as a Symbol and a message of Republicans’ failed policies and a gaping Wound, that after 7 years Ground Zero is still a hole, still zero — that we were unable to lift ourselves out of the ashes and make ourselves whole again. You see, nothing from nothing leaves nothing and that is not Change we can believe in. Enough is Enough!
    And finally, Is the Bloom coming off of Palin, as Alaska Women Against Palin Rally is HUGE!

  2. BarryOR on

    That’s kind of a nice slogan but right now it’s serial lying that is hurting Obama/Biden the most. And time is running out. It might be more productive to find a way to counter that.


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