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New/Old Electoral Battlegrounds

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, writing at The New Republic, stares at the latest batch of presidential election polls, and concludes that the number of battleground states has shrunk significantly:

This looks like it’s basically going to be a seven-state election: Ohio and Michigan; Virginia and Florida; Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. Throw New Hampshire and Pennsylvania in there if you want to be conservative, and perhaps Indiana and West Virginia if you want to be aggressive. But Sarah Palin quickly partisanized the electorate, and gave us a considerably less fun map.

One comment on “New/Old Electoral Battlegrounds

  1. bacaangel on

    Special comment by Keith Olberman on 9/11! Courage to Speak Truth!
    Never again should a President you want to have a beer with be allowed to lie the American public into a False & Phony war and ignore the real war as George W. Bush was able too! National Security strength, I don’t think so, after all 911 happened on the Republicans’ watch, but they distorted that message too and you would think that Democrats are weak on national security! Politicans who lie to the public are engaged in a betrayal of the public trust and such distortion should be deemed unethical and in some cases, criminal!
    And, it is an outrage or should be that the government can give millions of dollars to CEO’s from the failed Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and yet, cannot give a second stimulus check to American citizens in these hard economic times?
    Republicans say No to a second stimulus while the Democrats say Yes to a second stimulus!
    Is the Republican Congress working for CEO’s or are they working for you, the people?


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