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For Those Who Need a Laugh Today….

The very funny (if not always family-friendly) sports blog Every Day Should Be Saturday has a fake wire story up entitled: “Feds call for 38 point bailout of USC,” suggesting that a retroactive allocation of points to the once-invincible Southern Cal Trojans is necessary to stabilize college football after last night’s shocking loss to Oregon State. There’s lots of hilarious stuff in the comments thread, too, about the costs and moral hazards involved, including a particularly incoherent take from someone posting as “Sarah Palin.”
Given the vast and ancient prevalence of sports metaphors in politics, it’s appropriate to run the metaphors in the other direction now and then.

One comment on “For Those Who Need a Laugh Today….

  1. Tiparillo on

    The cheers of “Quizz, Quizz, Quizz” are still reverberating here in Oregon.
    I guess we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Dawgs from Ed, especially if they beat ‘Bama Saturday.


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