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Our staff post earlier today cited a Tom Toles cartoon as perfectly expressing the absurd “maverick” message of the Republican National Convention.
Barack Obama apparently thought so, too; he quoted much of the cartoon’s script on two occasions today. But he should have gone on to say that the real cartoon is the McCain-Palin ad claiming the ticket as “original mavericks” who are devoted to fighting Republicans and corporate interests. It would have been more credible if Daffy Duck had narrated.

2 comments on “Cartoons

  1. ThinkingGuy on

    I think that is like taking back your first kiss. You can’t do it. Nation is alrady in love with Palin the MILF, and finding somebody after the fact who says “I wrote that!” means nothing.
    She is a hero, and her wings must be clipped in far tougher fashion than that. Tougher than most Democrats can ever become. They better find a way in 50 some odd days, or President McCain will be waving to us all from the limo in January.

  2. martingauthier on

    Before this becomes a new frame on Obama/Biden (i.e. “These guys don’t have original ideas, they just rip off material from others”), I want to mention that I read a blog entry on National Review Online last week where the commentator was crowing about the fact that Palin used a line (without attribution) he wrote in her convention speech. It might have even been the community organizer bit. I think it could be relatively easy to find this, but I can’t do it at this very moment.
    I just thought this fact, when found, could provide a useful rebuttal.


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