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A Different Optic on the Veepstakes

With, praise Jehovah, the veep speculation on the Democratic side finally about to end, thought I should give a shout-out to at least one blogger who has been evaluating the field not in terms of electoral heft, “theories of change,” or any of the other political factors, but in terms of an often-ignored policy optic. The Progressive Policy Institute’s Katie Campbell, whose new blog, movingupusa.org, focuses on “upward mobility” agendas for low-income Americans, has done profiles of Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Kathleen Sebelius and Bill Richardson, based on what they’ve done and proposed for low-income families.
Campbell’s analysis is particularly valuable in terms of Kaine and Sebelius, whose state-based records aren’t as familiar as those of their Washington counterparts. Check it out.

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