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Obama’s Field Presence In Florida

At HuffPo this morning, Sam Stein has a thorough account of the Obama campaign’s impressive deployment of field resources to Florida, putting it “months ahead” of the organizing efforts in the Sunshine State by the Gore and Kerry campaigns.

Already with fully staffed offices in three major cities, the Illinois Democrat is formally opening additional headquarters in five other cities this week and eight others next week, bringing the total amount of Obama for America offices in the state to 16.

And Florida’s not even a state that most observers consider critical to Obama’s chances of winning.
As Stein notes, Obama’s got 15 field office up and running in Wisconsin, and an astonishing 24 in Virginia.
Whatever the Obama campaign ultimately accomplishes, it’s certainly making its mark as representing a much greater commitment to grassroots organizing than we’ve seen in a long, long time.

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