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Hillary’s Enduring Legacy, Part 2

Yesterday J.P. Green did a post discussing the legacy left by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, focusing on her glass-ceiling-battering example to women in politics and government.
While that’s probably her most important legacy, there are others. And today the American Prospect has published a colloquoy on Clinton’s contributions to the progressive cause, featuring essays by feminist blogger K.A. Geier, Prospect Co-Editor Paul Starr, Chris Hayes of The Nation, Salon‘s Rebecca Traister, author Kai Wright, Moira Whelan of the National Security Network, and yours truly.
I focused (rather counter-intuitively) on HRC’s positioning on Iraq, which helped resolve what looked, a year ago, like a horribly corrosive intraparty disagreement over withdrawal plans and appropriations cutoffs. Others talked about Clinton contributions ranging from health care policy to the politics of gender and race.
Check it out.

One comment on “Hillary’s Enduring Legacy, Part 2

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