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Galston’s Advice To Obama

The New Republic has organized a colloquoy beginning today involving “friends of the magazine” who have been asked to offer succinct advice to Barack Obama and his campaign on how best to win the general election. First out of the box is TDS Co-Editor Bill Galston, who with his characteristic analytical precision, makes seven specific suggestions to Team Obama:
(1) Introduce yourself to the American people on your terms.
(2) Establish clear priorities for what you will do as president.
(3) Focus more specifically on what you’d do for the economy.
(4) Cross the threshold of credibility as commander-in-chief.
(5) Reach out to Catholics.
(6) Empasize moderation and open-mindedness on social issues.
(7) Make the electorate understand that on the issues they care about the most, John McCain is no moderate.
Bill provides detailed advice on all seven of these topics, and also emphasizes the fundamental advantages Obama will enjoy in the general election, and the terrible consequences of losing. You should read it all.
As it happens, I’ve also been asked to participate in this TNR colloquoy, and while I agree with virtually everything Bill has said, will try to offer some supplementary thoughts in short order.

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