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Full-Court Shot At the Buzzer

For any of you who may be hard-core HRC fans dismayed by all the “it’s over” talk in the news media and the blogosphere, RealClearPolitics’ Jay Cost offers a ray of hope: a self-consciously “contrarian” analysis of how blowout wins in WV, KY and PR could still give Clinton a plausible argument that she’s won the cumulative popular vote.
The only problem with Cost’s scenario is that it requires superdelegates to stay on the fence until after Puerto Rico votes. It’s true that the stampede of superdelegates to Obama that many observers predicted after his NC win hasn’t occurred just yet, and some have made it clear they’ll hold off announcing their intentions until the voting’s over. But still, a Clinton victory remains the political equivalent of a full-court shot at the buzzer.

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