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One Clear Insight

I’ve been watching MSNBC’s early coverage of the PA primary, and it’s been a roller-coaster of hints that the race is very close and hints that Clinton may wind up winning pretty big. The gradual drip of exit poll date has, even more than usually, contributed to this confusing impression.
The one clearly interesting thing I’ve heard on this network so far is actually by Howard Fineman, who’s saying that Obama’s real PA strategy was to bleed HRC’s finances while limiting her margin of victory. Under that theory, if Obama avoids a double-digit loss while forcing the Clinton campaign into virtual penury, then he’s lost the battle, but maybe contributed to victory in the war. We’ll see.

One comment on “One Clear Insight

  1. Dan on

    Out spending her is one way, albeit the long drawn-out way, to beat her. However, Obama could do more without going negative. It still astonishes me that more has not been made out of Hillary’s assertion that she has executive experience because of her eight years as First Lady. There is nothing wrong or inaccurate about connecting the build-up and lethal results of Al Queda to the Clinton White House, and by her own assertion that includes Hillary! It was the Clinton calculus of constantly running to the political safe ground and circus-like distractions (Lewinsky) that provided an operative opening for Al Queda to build and strike. Sixty Americans were killed, two embassies bombed, a naval vessel blown up, and the first Trade Center bombing carried out and the second one planned, by Al Queda while the Clintons were in the White House, that’s not negative, that’s the truth!! 3 A.M. phone calls? Who is she kidding?!


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