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Clinton Wins PA–Spin Wars Ensue

Well, the nets have now called PA for Hillary Clinton, and the final (unadjusted) exits are out, and it looks like her margin of victory will fall into that ambiguous territory of high single-digits (53-47 or 54-46), thought that could change. The exits themselves are not terribly surprising, given past patterns; the most striking numbers to me were her better-than-two-to-one wins in the perpetual battleground territory of NE PA, and also among Catholics. For Obama, the most impressive numbers were his tie with HRC among voters under retirement age, and his 3-2 margin among new Democratic voters (including first-time voters and party-switchers).
HRC’s three-to-two margin among white voters in PA is one of those numbers that can be read either way.
So: let the spin wars begin.

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