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Back to the Florida Saga

You knew it would ultimately happen, right? Now that Hillary Clinton’s survived another round of the presidential nominating process, we’re suddenly hearing once again about Florida’s demands that its delegates be seated.at the Convention. Indeed, Floridians are getting testy about it:

Florida Democrats — led by Hillary Clinton supporters — are turning to public protests to keep the pressure on the national party.
Rallies are planned Saturday in seven Florida cities, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale, to demand that the national party count Florida’s delegates. Hundreds of activists are also expected to ride buses to Washington to rally Wednesday.
”This has to do with our civil rights,” said Millie Herrera, a potential Clinton convention delegate and the president of the Hispanic Democratic Caucus of Florida. “No one has the right to invalidate our votes.”

Sorting out the “civil rights” issues from those that are strictly related to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy won’t be easy. Most national Democrats hoped that Florida and Michigan could be dealt with discreetly after a nominee was selected. But the longer the contest goes on, the harder that becomes.

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