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Profiling Virginia and McCain’s Appeal to the Right

In addition to J.P. Green’s list, here are some good reads for this Friday:
At TNR, Josh Patashnik offers a good profile of Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary next Tuesday, which appears likely to be the major Potomac battleground between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The piece is a bit argumentative, in that it challenges the DC media assumption that the Old Dominion will be a slam dunk for Obama, but it provides a solid summary of the state’s political demographics.
On the Republican side, you might want to check out John McCain’s remarks to the Conservative Political Action Committee yesterday, which promised a general election full of ideological contrasts. It’s hard to say if the speech achieved its designed effect; at National Review, most of the CPAC coverage was devoted to Mitt Romney’s withdrawal, and speculation about his future. Indeed, Yuval Levin contributes another one of those lists of conservative demands that McCain shoud be forced to accept, Michelle Malkin urges conservatives to ignore the presidential race altogether and look down-ballot, and Mona Charon professes her heart to be broken by McCain’s victory.
Meanwhile, over at the Wall Street Journal, Pat Toomey of the Club For Growth offers a short list of names from which McCain could pick a running-mate to assuage the economic conservative/K Street crowd. The list includes two failed Republican presidential candidates from the past, Phil Gramm and Steve Forbes.

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