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Potomac Delegate Estimates

As we all await poll closings (7:00 EST in VA, 8:00 EST in MD and DC) for the Potomac Primary, there’s an interesting estimate by Constituent Dynamics of how the Democratic delegate fight will turn out, based on robo-polls and a district-by-district breakdown of where the chips may fall. The estimate predicts that Obama will win 93 delegates, and HRC 62, with 13 “too close to call.” And that’s based on polls showing a healthy but not overwhelming Obama margin in all three jurisdictions.

One comment on “Potomac Delegate Estimates

  1. Matt on

    Right now, with just a bit of counting still going on, the Open Left count has yesterday’s butcher bill at 107 delegates for Obama and 55 delegates for Clinton. Looks like the Constituent Dynamics poll was pretty good, maybe even a bit conservative.


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