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Over at OpenLeft, Chris Bowers offers a nice summary of what we know and what we don’t know about the nine caucuses and primaries being held between tomorrow and next Tuesday in the Democratic presidential race. That’s right, nine: (WA, LA, NE and the Virgin Islands tomorrow; ME on Sunday; and Democrats Abroad, MD, DC and VA on Tuesday).
Obama is the favorite in most of these states, based on different factors (e.g., polls in WA, MD and VA; caucus savvy in WA, NE and ME; and African-American voting strength in Virgin Islands, LA and DC). But as Chris notes, HRC could win a state or two, and in any event, the proportional delegate rules will probably keep Obama from piling up enough pledged delegates to overtake Clinton’s total delegate lead (counting superdelegates). If that’s the case, the growing argument as to whether superdelegates should decide this thing or instead defer to the judgment of voters by following the lead of pledged delegates nationally, pledged delegates in their own state, or actual votes cast in either one, will intensify.

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