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And In Other Endorsement News….

Amidst the blizzard of endorsements rolling out in the Democratic presidential contest right now, it’s unfortunate for Hillary Clinton that this unwelcome one will get a lot of attention for its sheer absurdity.
Yes, the loathsome (not a word I use lightly, or would apply to much of anyone else in politics) right-wing “pundit” Ann Coulter says she’ll “campaign for Hillary” if John McCain is the Republican nominee. On Hannity and Colmes, no less.
It says a lot about the condition of the Republican commentariat that some conservatives are taking Coulter’s ravings seriously enough to try to logically rebut them. Indeed, RealClearPolitics just put up a link to a blog post by Captain’s Quarters’ Edward Morrissey entitled: “Has Ann Coulter Finally Jumped the Shark?” Which leads to the question: Can a shark jump the shark?
Maybe conservatives will finally get fed up with her tiresome act and stop buying her books and otherwise giving her publicity, consigning her forever to the footnotes of future dissertations on the debasement of American politics in the Bush era.

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