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Obama and Huckabee Win

Returning from my own Caucus Adventure, I discovered that the deal had already gone down statewide, with Obama winning by a healthy seven percent over Clinton and Edwards, who basically tied, and Huckabee croaking Romney by a very surprising nine percent.
Haven’t seen anything about total turnout, but I’m guessing the Democratic turnout must have been very high. Going back to the key question about media spin that Chuck Todd discussed this morning, the gut-wrencher now is whether Clinton and Edwards are deemed as having tied for second, or one is adjudged as beating the other. This might, for example, be the difference between faint hope and extinction for Edwards, and if it goes the other way (as appears likely), the media hype over Clinton finishing last in the Big Three could be damaging if not deadly.
As for Huckabee–well, it will be most interesting to see what kind of post-Iowa bounce he gets in later states. Romney’s now on the ropes, and before long, we could have the strange spectacle of conventional conservatives flocking to John McCain.

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