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The Threat, Part III

I concluded the previous post by suggesting that Christian Right leaders needed some evidence that their Threat to take a walk if Republicans nominated Rudy Giuliani was shared by actual voters. Well, turns out (via TPMCafe’s Election Central) that there’s a new Rasmussen poll providing just that. It suggests that fully 27 percent of Republicans would go third-party in a hypothetical Giuliani-Clinton contest.
A poll showing support for an unnamed third-party candidate more than a year prior to an election is not terribly solid proof of what voters would actually do after a vicious and polarizing D versus R campaign. But it could raise some serious doubts among Republicans who don’t much like Giuliani but see him as the one guy who could hang onto the White House.

One comment on “The Threat, Part III

  1. Tiparillo on

    So I see that many experts think that the better Clinton does on the Dem side, the better Giuliani will do on the GOP side. And according to this, the better Giuliani does on the GOP the more likely there will be a Christianist third party run.
    I won’t base my primary vote on any of this as electoral experts are rarely right, but it is an interesting dynamic.


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