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If He Had Some Bread

Lots of progressive activists are agonizing about John Edwards’ campaign fundraising woes. But the more dramatic money saga is on the Right, where third quarter fundraising numbers appear to confirm that Mike Huckabee, for all of his yeasty ideological and personal qualities, just can’t raise the dough.
After all, Huckabee is almost perfectly positioned to finish second or third in Iowa. Were he to beat Fred Thompson there, he’d not only become the Hot Item in the Republican race, but would probably become the overwhelming favorite of the Christian Right. Moreover, he’d roll into New Hampshire touting a national sales tax plan that makes both corporate and “populist” conservatives drool. He’s got the rock band; he’s got the humor; he’s got the weight loss; he’s got the Kevin Spacey looks. He’s got every political insider in the hep world expecting him to make a move and keep the contest interesting.
As the old saying goes: If he had some ham, he’d make a ham sandwich, if he had some bread (pun intended).
With every imaginable realistic-longshot advantage, Huckabee raised about a million in the third quarter. By contrast, Ron Paul, whose only real function in the campaign is to ensure that candidate debates don’t sound like a jingoistic echo chamber on Iraq, raised five times that much. Ol’ Fred raised nine times that much. And though we haven’t seen Sam Brownback’s numbers yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if the doomed Kansan outraised Huckabee.
Unless something changes real fast, Huckabee’s campaign will become a talking point in every professional fundraiser’s pitch to future political campaigns.

2 comments on “If He Had Some Bread

  1. edkilgore on

    Argghhh, Tiparillo, I had forgotten about it for a few hours. But being a righteous Larry Munson disciple, I didn’t expect the Dawgs to win. And now I fear Vanderbilt, and down the road, Troy (not the once-mighty Men of Troy, but Troy of Alabama).

  2. Tiparillo on

    He’s got every political insider in the hep world expecting him to make a move and keep the contest interesting.
    Of course a lot of knowledgable insiders favored the Dawgs this weekend too…..sorry to bring it up, Ed….it could be worse – you could be a USC fan….


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