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Rudy Up, Rudy Down

Even as Rudy Giuiliani continues to lead in many GOP presidential polls, there’s a raging debate as to whether he could actually be nominated.Just today, Glenn Greenwald did a long, adamant post arguing that social conservatives care more about waging religio-ideological wars than about Rudy’s deficiencies on abortion or gay rights. Meanwhile, TPMCafe’s Election Central reports that one of the Christian Right’s big poohbahs, Tony Perkins, went on Pat Robertson’s network and dismissed Giuliani as an acceptable presidential candidate because of his views on abortion and gay rights, which place him “far outside the mainstream of conservative thought.”Somebody’s obviously right and somebody’s obviously wrong here. I’ve been in the “Rudy Can Fail” camp all along, and though Greenwald’s a persuasive guy, I think he’s a bit too pre-persuaded that social conservatives don”t really believe what they say or say what they believe.

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