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More on the Anglican Wars

Those of you who don’t immediately get annoyed when I go off onto one of my theological benders may want to check out a piece I did that just came out in the Washington Monthly about the Anglican schism over ordination of gay bishops. My purpose was to slice through all the lazy rhetoric about “liberals” and “traditionalists” in the fracas, and talk about the older split between Anglo-Catholics and evangelicals, since the latter, who are hardly “traditionalists” when it comes to liturgy and scriptural interpretation, are the main base of support for the effort to expel the U.S. Episcopal Church from the Anglican Communion.But in doing so, I may have gotten a bit too far into the weeds of Anglican history, with tangents off onto subjects like Elizabeth I’s frustration of evangelical efforts to deny the Real Presence in the Eucharist, and the relative “catholicity” of the current Book of Common Prayer’s Rite I and Rite II. If you are interested in this sort of thing, or just want a less predictable take on the Anglican Wars, give it a look.

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