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I’ve Got Your Back, Chris

Over at MyDD today, Chris Bowers goes on an endearing tirade about netroots denial of Hillary Clinton’s current strength in the polls; apparently he’s hearing a lot of talk that HRC is in the same position as Joe Lieberman was at this stage in the last cycle, and he demolishes that talk pretty effectively.But by way of introduction, Chris says: “What I am about to write will invariably result in several people calling me a Hillary supporter and / or a wholly owned subsidiary of the DLC….”I’ve got your back on this one, Chris. I know enough about the DLC to warrant convincingly that you aren’t owned, rented, or even occasionally suborned by that organization.I don’t always agree with Chris Bowers (the subject of Democrats and religion being one topic of frequent disagreement), but do admire his stubborn, reality-based determination to follow actual evidence of political trends, even if they don’t conveniently fit into his own, or his colleagues’, preferred “memes.” I hope that I can occasionally make the same claim when my own colleagues look sideways at polls and see what they want to see.There is, in the end, this thing called Objective Reality, and if any of us diverge from it too far in order to grind factional or ideological axes, we do so at our peril.

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