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C’mon, People, Let’s Win! Okay?

I’m not in the habit of calling people who disagree with me stupid or shallow. But I have to admit the impulse to mutter intelligence-based insults grabbed me pretty hard this morning when I read Liz Cheney’s op-ed in the Washington Post petulantly suggesting that opponents of the administration’s escalation strategy in Iraq just don’t want to win badly enough.An example of Ms. Cheney’s “analysis” is her “refutation” of the argument that the administration is defying public opinion on Iraq:

In November the American people expressed serious concerns about Iraq (and about Republican cor:ruption and scandals). They did not say that they want us to lose this war. They did not say that they want us to allow Iraq to become a base for al-Qaeda to conduct global terrorist operations. They did not say that they would rather we fight the terrorists here at home.

You half-expected the graph to end: “They did not say they endorsed treason.” I felt a lot better about my reaction to the piece when I read Josh Marshall’s take: “Is it just me or does this column read like it was written by someone in junior high?” But Josh also knew something I should have known but didn’t: Liz Cheney is not only a former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs (one of those titles that remind me of the old Rolling Stones song, “Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man”), but Dick Cheney’s daughter. And there I was wondering how Ms. Cheney managed to get her gibberish published in the ever-so-picky op-ed pages of the Post.

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