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Anticipating the Aftermath

About three weeks ago, Washington Monthly editor Paul Glastris called me with an interesting proposed writing assignment: pretend it’s the day after the elections, and you’re writing an op-ed for a major newspaper advising your party’s leaders about what to do now. But here was the twist: write two of these fictional op-eds, one based on the presumption that Democrats will take over both Houses of Congress, and the other based on the opposite proposition that GOPers shock the world and maintain control of both Houses. Glastris approached some other folks with a similar offer, and it’s all up on the Monthly‘s site now. In the end, Mark Schmitt and I were the only ones who wrote the op-eds both ways. But the package has Tom Daschle, Daniel Levy, David Gergen, and Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein addressing the day-after realities of a Democratic win, while Dick Armey and David Greenberg write up an unlikely GOP victory. The title the Monthly gave my “Dems win” piece–“Kick ‘Em While They’re Down”–is a little misleading, but I like it. Check it all out as you get out the vote, with fingers crossed.

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