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A Hairy Situation

by Scott Winship
We can talk about national security, values issues, tactics, and the like. But I think I’ve discovered the real problem we’re having: this.
According to this remarkable study by the respected firm Radar Magazine, 58% (14 of 24) of the Members of Congress with bad hair are Democrats (counting Bernie Sanders). Hell, we sweep the “Extreme Symmetry” and “Just-Nuts Hair” categories. Why is this not getting more attention? Look for an upcoming TDS issue devoted to better hair. I only hope this doesn’t decide the November elections….

2 comments on “A Hairy Situation

  1. Esteban Nielk on

    I’m glad someone finally noticed this critical problem. And just where is it written that the worst dye-jobs with the most ridiculous red tints are found on male members of congress, way too often Democrats?


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