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Unsexy Coulter

There’s been an odd blogospheric interchange over the last 24 hours about why Democrats are particularly offended by Ann Coulter. It began with a piece by Elspeth Reeve on the New Republic site suggesting, if I’m not mistaken, that male liberals demonize Coulter because of some inverted desire to sleep with her. Over at TAPPED site, Ezra Klein and Charles Pierce joust about Reeves’ hypothesis (follow the links from Ezra’s last post to read the exchange), with all sorts of side discussions of TNR generally.As a Coulter-disparager who doesn’t watch much TV and is only dimly aware of her “leggy blonde” persona, I have to interplead that you don’t have to watch or listen to Ann Coulter to intensely dislike her. My own major attack on her was based on her written words. In reacting to her poorly researched arguments and her contemptible efforts to claim the entire Judeo-Christian tradition for her particular ideology, I did not really care if she was a “leggy blonde,” a squatty four-foot-ten brunette, or for that matter, a Man named Ann. I haven’t spent much if any time looking at her on the tube, and given her vicious and casual slurs on the truth and on people like me, I would not find her lovely if she were a certified Super-Model.Then again, I was a fan of Dolly Partin’s music before I had any idea what she looked like.Now that I’ve been informed of her exceptional sexiness, I won’t hold Ann Coulter’s looks against her, but I’ll be damned if I have to cut her slack because of an attraction to her that I do not have. There’s nothing sexy about hate and lies.

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