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That Godless Liberal Jerry

Being basically non-vindictive in nature, I didn’t spend much time wallowing in the agony of Republicans in Virginia and elsewhere over the outcome of the Kaine-Kilgore gubernatorial race. The good-government side of me hoped that GOPers nationally would learn the lesson that reflexive right-wing positions like opposing any and all taxes, demonizing immigrants, and demagoguing the death penalty, just don’t work any more.But it looks like Virginia Republicans are determined to ignore the evidence. As the Washington Post has reported in a news item and an editorial, the Commonwealth’s GOP leadership is putting out the word that ol’ Jerry lost because he wasn’t conservative enough. This is, to put it mildly, an odd assessment. Ol’ Jerry was an obdurate member of the anti-tax faction of the state party, a boon companion to the Christian Right, a big-time gun lover, and a guy who played every conservative card in his campaign. I can’t even imagine what GOPers think he should have done, other than maybe changing his name to Attila and refusing to pay his own taxes.The partisan side of me reacts to this strange development by saying to Republicans: Amen, and keep it up. If Jerry Kilgore is not sufficiently conservative for you, then you are living in a strange land and need to get back in touch with Virginia and America.

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