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Dems Surge Ahead in Recent Polls

by EDM Staff
Having been duly cautioned against unbridled optimism about the upcomming congressional elections (see post below), let’s have a peek at recent opinion polls suggesting a rosier prospect for Dems. Pollingreport.com has a wrap-up of a dozen surveys dating back to September 5th on the question of which party’s candidates respondents favor in their House of Reps district. The polls mix up likely voters and registered voters, and the questions asked by the polls are a little different. But all 12 polls cited show the dems ahead in the races for House seats, with leads ranging from 5 to 17 points — and an average lead of 9.5 percent.
For a little icing on the cake, check out the latest USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll, in which respondents were asked “Do you think the country would be better off if the Republicans controlled Congress, or if the Democrats controlled Congress?” Respondents favored Dem candidates 46 percent to 34 percent.