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The GOP Budget Sideshow

Amidst this week’s three-ring circus imvolving the Fitzgerald indictment rumors, the Miers fiasco, and Tom DeLay’s court appearance, you may have missed an important GOP sideshow: the collapse of a House Republican effort to patch together an amended federal budget resolution to pay for a small portion of the Katrina recovery effort. Read all about it on the DLC site, and be sure to follow the link to Gov. Tom Vilsack’s op-ed on how to help pay for the Gulf Coast recovery. Vilsack wouldn’t mess with Medicaid or food stamps; does not rely on the brain-dead approach of across-the-board cuts; and while he identifies far more spending savings than the House GOP green eyeshades, he also doesn’t ignore the immorality of implementing new tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, either.

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