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Bush Hits New Lows for Iraq Approval, Honesty

A new AP/Ipsos Poll, conducted 8/1-3 indicates that President Bush has hit historic lows in approval of his handling of Iraq and the percentage of Americans who agree that he is “honest.”
President Bush is perceived as “honest” by 48 percent of respondents — the first time his honesty rating has fallen below 50 percent. 50 percent now say he is not honest. A total of 59 percent now say they disapprove of his “handling of the situation in Iraq,” with 38 percent approving. The percentage of Americans who now view his confidence as “arrogance” has risen dramatically, from 49 percent in January to 56 percent now.
His overall job approval continues to hover at 42 percent, with 55 percent of respondents disapproving. His handling of Social Security is also down, with only 33 percent of Americans approving and 63 percent disapproving.