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NewDonkey Rejects Mehlman Endorsement

This morning, when I was still trying to get the fog out of my brain, I started getting all these congratulatory emails, enclosing a crumb from today’s edition of the Washington Insider’s Daily Bread, ABC’s The Note:

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman travels to Virginia to endorse Ed Kilgore’s gubernatorial bid. Mehlman then participates in an ed board meeting with African American reporters. DNC Chairman Howard Dean is in New York City.

Before asking the DLC press office to email Mark Halperin and demand a correction of “Ed” to “Jerry” (it was changed on the web, and tomorrow’s Note will include a formal correction), I did indulge in a brief fantasy. Wouldn’t a NewDonkey/Tim Kaine gubernatorial contest be a real breath of fresh air for the Ol’ Commonwealth of Virginia? We could have a vibrant debate over my proposal to put out an All Points Bulletin to the State Police to intercept Grover Norquist if he crosses the Potomac to engage in tax-cut demagogeury. Our platforms would also differ considerably, with Kaine laying out a detailed policy blueprint covering property taxes, education, and the budget, while I stuck to my simple message of “Mark Warner–What He Said.”But in the end, I did the responsible thing and issued a Sherman Statement, which native Georgians rarely do.Still, it’s got to trouble the Attorney General of Virginia that among the omniscient political junkies of The Note, he didn’t win a word association contest when the name “Kilgore” popped up.So I will repeat my earlier challenge to Jerry Kilgore: to avoid further confusion, one of us should change his name. Since I had it first, it’s only fair that you do the right thing and pick a new monniker.UPCATEGORY: Ed Kilgore’s New Donkey

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