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Explaining Phil A. Busters

Curt Matlock of MyDD provided a link today to an ad that the Alliance for Justice (a respected liberal group that played a big role in the Bork confirmation fight back in the day) is planning to run on national cable and selected broadcast markets, in an effort to gin up the public against the “nuclear option” on judicial nominations.Matlock didn’t comment on the effectiveness of the ad, but take a look yourself, and see if you think a long animated spot featuring a talking bullhorn named Phil A. Buster, and his friends Check and Balanz (not to mention the Founding Fathers, described as “really smart guys”) is going to turn the tide. I do think the ad is likely to boost support for the filibuster among first-time voters in 2016 or so, but the deal will probably go down well before then.I know that some people don’t think Democrats should ever be critical of anybody on “our team,” and maybe the ad is one of those ironic, so-bad-it’s-good things that old goats like me don’t “get.” But I hope somebody’s working on an ad that operates on a slightly more literate level, if only to prevent those “really smart guys” who designed our system from rolling in their graves.

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