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DeLay’s Counter-Offensive

In case you’ve missed it, Tom DeLay has begun a counter-offensive against those critics who are kinda wondering at what stage his egregious pattern of conduct–unethical, illegal, or just plain crass–will get either his party or his constituents to send him back to the exterminating business. DeLay’s argument, of course, is that it’s all just a lefty conspiracy, probably financed by George Soros, to “destroy the conservative movement.” Now put aside for a moment the rather self-aggrandizing idea that the conservative movement would instantly fall to pieces without the Hammer’s leadership. The more interesting assertion is that his growing cast of detractors–including the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal–is being orchestrated by the godless hordes of the Organized Left.You might want to take a look at the official take of that well-known leftist group, the Soros-controlled, Michael-Moore-loving Democratic Leadership Council, on DeLay’s latest line of defense.

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