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A Nuclear “Trigger”?

How, you may wonder, is the Republican Party going to extricate itself from the political and legal thicket it entered through its forceful and feckless intervention in the Terri Schiavo case? Well, if you are Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard, you go back on the offensive by pivoting to the next big GOP outrage, the “nuclear option” for forcing George W. Bush’s judicial nominees through the Senate, and you use the Schiavo case as a reason for doing it. I’ve been reading Kristol for a long time, and I usually disagree with him, but also usually find him smart and logical. But this screed is way over the top in sloppy reasoning and cheap demagoguery. Today’s New Dem Dispatch eviscerates Kristol’s argument, and explores the marriage of convenience between right-to-lifers who are extremists in the pursuit of principle, and GOP pols who are extremists in the pursuit of power.

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