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Realignment Watch

Alan Abramowitz provides these data from the latest Ipsos-AP poll (no public link available yet that I can find):
WH ’08 Generic Ballot (RVs)
Dem 48
GOP 44
Undec/Oth 8
Congress Generic Ballot (RVs)
Dem 50%
GOP 42
Undec/Oth 5
As Alan comments: “Doesn’t exactly look like 2004 was a realigning election, does it?”

2 comments on “Realignment Watch

  1. Seldon on

    Are these the same polls that indicate Kerry was going to win by a landslide?
    I thought the democrats should have learned their lession of not putting too much trusts in the polls in the last 8 years.

  2. POed Lib on

    All very interesting, I am sure.
    However, this sort of “vague discontent” does not do anything for Dems. We need to find a way to tranlate “vague” discontent into “this SOB is the problem, not my congressman.”
    How many “moderate” republicans represent districts that went for Kerry? These guys MUST be the target over the next 6 months.


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