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Palast and Manjoo Debate whether Kerry Really Won Ohio

Harpers’ Magazine contributing editor Greg Palast and Salon business and technology writer Farhad Manjoo continue the debate – discussed in posts here and here – regarding the possibility that John Kerry actually won Ohio

2 comments on “Palast and Manjoo Debate whether Kerry Really Won Ohio

  1. cloudy on

    A discussion group at Yahoo devoted to the issue of election fraud. Amazing number of messages per member, and likely to grow in membership VERY fast
    Interested in others with good web referrals on this issue. Interesting how Eschaton and others are steering so much clear of issue, as is spinsanity. I suppose the idea is that anyone who wants to be able to stick around had better avoid this HOT POTATO! Now THERE’s democracy for you!

  2. cloudy on

    Although Manjoo’s argument that, even if the provisionals and the valid discarded ballots are all counted, they alone will probably not be enough to tip Ohio to Kerry, there are other issues in Ohio that this and other election oriented websites ought to be paying closer attention to.
    First, there are reports in one county where the Courts insisted the polls remain open after 7:30 and Blackwell had them closed at midnite, people were still left at midnite that had not cast ballots and were given provisionals TO TAKE HOME, which is a totally incorrect procedure. Another situation on a campus with more than 10,000 registered students had ONLY TWO VOTING MACHINES, and waits of up to NINE HOURS. This was also quite planned. There are other instances of issues and of grassroots organizing going on in Ohio now.
    THIS DESERVES SERIOUS ATTENTION ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THE GREENS AND LIBERTARIANS ARE DEMANDING A RECOUNT. Do you have expert friends who have kept in touch with the issues OTHER THAN the provisionals and spoiled ballots (totalling 250,000) in Ohio? These issues could be determinative is those 250,000 bring the gap between the two candidates closer to about 20,000. Any recount will have to be presented with these issues before it is completed, so TIMELY INVESTIGATION IS OF THE ESSENCE.


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